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Customers of class A :Fortune 500 companies, global top 50 companies of each industry, well-known foreign-invested enterprises/joint ventures, and offices of outstanding foreign companies in China.
Customers of class B :Top 500 Chinese enterprises, listed companies at home and abroad, top 20 companies of each industry in China and outstanding companies to be listed.
Customers of class C :Other outstanding enterprises with top-ranking overall industrial strength and other excellent enterprises with good faith and with good prospects for development.
Customers of class D : Government agencies, institutions, social groups and other organizations who need high level professional talents.
Strategic headhunting service :If a customer authorizes four or more headhunting posts simultaneously and signs the contract for a period of three years or more or regular service contract, we’ll provide more preferential fee, more preferred service and more diversiform added value.
Standard headhunting service :If a customer authorizes three or less posts and signs the contract for a period of less than 3 years, we’ll provide standard fee, service and added value.
Single headhunting service :If a customer requires single headhunting service or authorizes a specific headhunting post and the commission contract is to be terminated upon expiration of the contract. We’ll provide the services and charges as agreed by both parties.
Overseas headhunting service :If a customer authorizes an overseas post or hunts for international talent/overseas indigene,the detailed fee and service shall be determined via negotiation between both parties.
Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) :Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO: Recruitment Process Outsourcing) means if a customer outsources the recruitment to us in whole or part, we will manage the internal recruitment process of customer,including the whole process from recruitment need recognition, recruitment advertising, resume collection and screening,test/interview arrangements, test/interview implementation, background investigation, candidate evaluation and recommendation, communication, sending OFFER, register & entry etc. The RPO service we provide is the one-stop overall RPO service from “starting point to finishing point” of recruitment.
Talent background investigation :In the legal context, we conduct deep background investigation on the personnel you specify with wide range of channels and professional approach in the shortest time, including but not limited to basic information,educational background, work experience, performance, professional skills, management level, moral character, family status,salary level, social assessment, criminal record, and other specific issues.
Talent quality assessment :Conduct talent quality assessment on specific candidate or talent by using professional talent evaluation software, which covers evaluation of professional quality and special quality and then provide professional and complete assessment report. This applies to both employers and individuals.
Pay survey agent :We provide you with tailored pay survey services and targeted real information about wage, including but not limited to the distribution of wages in an industry, salary of a specific job market, market salary of new jobs, pay and benefits of key positions of competitors.
Interview and selection agent :We provide professional personnel interview and assessment services. The powerful team of interviewers comprised of senior headhunting consultants, human resources experts, talent assessment experts, psychology experts and experienced professionals of headhunting industry will help you make the most correct choice of talent with advanced concepts, rich practical experience and scientific methods.
Business information survey :On condition that it is legal and not contrary to ethics, make use of ubiquitous intelligence network and cooperate with a number of professional intelligence agencies effectively to provide customers with intelligence about business competitive environment, intelligence of specific industries and internal information of specific enterprises.